What Is Gems, Stories, and Glories?

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Gems, Stories, and Glories

is a gift shop that sells Little Treasures for your heart, mind, soul, and spirit.  But, it’s also so much more — it is about discovery — the discovery that each of us has our own story of life’s ups and downs, valleys, and peaks and how we are making it through.  It is these stories that bind us all together.

DSCF0327My two sisters and I have found that, even in the most ugliest times of our lives, God’s love, graciousness, mercy, and supply was always present  — we just needed to see it, to seek it, like a hidden treasure.     And here is where we want to share with you what we have found —  DSCF0446and to write about it, in the form of stories and blogs.  The purpose of each gift we create and make by hand, is to offer some up-lift, comfort, peace, and hope — for your heart, mind, soul, and spirit, or for someone you know who may need it.

Of interest, too, is that we donate 5% of the purchase price of each piece we sell to charity.  You will find more information on this under our heading Donations

     We hope to see you often!

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