Time for Encouraging Women, Not Tearing Each Other Down

It is not usual for Gems, Stories, and Glories to enter the trending arena.  And I apologize for this intrusion.  However, it is important sometimes to step out and fight the good fight.  And to encourage each other.  So with that said, please allow me a few words:

Contrary to the recent allowance of vulgar and derogatory language towards strong women, please never allow anyone to ever call you to “c” word. Not ever! No matter that there is a movement to “empower” women by reducing them to female genitalia, do not keep any male or female in your circle of trusted friends should they ever call you the “c” word. This word is a form of oppression. It is used to send the message to you that you are not more than this, that you cannot aspire, achieve, or become anything other than your designated “place”. And should you try, should you dare to speak out, should you dare to be more visible, this is what you will be thought of, and called. It is a way to stop you. It is meant to humiliate you, embarrass you, defeat you, stop you in your tracks. It is not funny and is never a joke. It is meant to keep you down at the level of what another person thinks is your place in line. Never, and I mean never keep anyone in your life who calls you this. You are more beautiful, creative, lovely, bright, brilliant, intelligent, resourceful, intuitive and impact-ful than you can every imagine! And the latest trend to call or be called the “c” word takes its place right there with other oppressive and negative name-calling words, and you know which ones I mean. Words that have been decimated and taken out of our vocabulary — words that if anyone utters in public — would result in their losing their jobs and respect as human beings. You know the words. And the “c” word is right there with it. Rise up above this and don’t allow it in your life or in another women’s life — no matter her politics. Because then all women lose.



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