I Love Christmas

IMG_2460Yes, I do. I love Christmas. Even though, for days (and weeks) before, I am heard groaning and griping about no time, too much to do — how will it all get done? — I still love Christmas. I am a bit sad that all the visiting family have gone back to their homes now. The rooms are empty again and it’s back to a quiet, peaceful level of sound. But, as I busy myself today cleaning up and replacing furniture, I smile at the noises of talking and laughter still in the air, the gentle pushing as we teased one another. The gratitude of seeing daughters and their loved ones together, sharing a drink on the deck, on Christmas Eve night. The clink and ting sounds of everyone finishing preparing the dinner together. Timers beeping that the food is ready, (smoke detectors going off to confirm it), squeezing together as we pass around one another to get where we need to be, reaching, sharing, passing plates. I love Christmas. And this one most especially. Because, as we all know, it is the people we have in our lives, those we share our lives with, those we have re-connected with, those we are fortunate to see at Christmas-time, as well as through-out the year — it is those we love, and have memories with, that make this time of year even more special. And so… this year was absolutely a very special Christmas, and I am grateful.


One comment on “I Love Christmas

  1. yes, Debbie….I love Christmas too….much more than ever that we get to spend it with you and your side of the family (aka, the traveling road show)….seeing our nieces as beautiful women, with wonderful men who adore them. Love the craziness and love….as they say “priceless”. Fun, fun times ❤


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