Summer, goodbye


Labor Day Weekend. The End of Summer. I don’t look forward to the end of summer as it occurs in the Northeast. I don’t like the early darkness, the cold weather approaching. I dislike the feel of heavy coats. I live for the early sunrise, the late sunsets, the warm stillness of a summer morning as it gives way to the beating heat of the afternoon. The first feel of cold water under my feet, whether from a lake, pond, ocean, or pool. I like short sleeves, the freedom of no shoes. I like summer. And here it is coming to an end — traitor that it is.  It takes such a long time to arrive, with winter not wanting to release its grasp long into April. Once here, she seems to waiver on her commitment to stay: some days this year were as cold as spring. And once she is given her assignment to leave, it seems she can’t wait to go — her Florida vacation booked, her bags all packed. She has no problem making way for the bullying line-men of winter barreling down upon her. I wish she were more of a fighter. But, that’s life in the Northeast. One day I hope to follow her around, getting out of town myself, before the first frost covers the grass. I keep reminding myself that autumn is wonderful, too. (Although, as it is winter’s little brother, I keep one leery eye on it.) In the meantime, I’m armed to the teeth with my newly acquired super-duper ice scraper — let the games begin.

But on a more positive note, the cooler air does bring along the promises of hearty comfort foods — soups and stews simmering on the stove, apple and pumpkin picking, all ending with a Thanksgiving dinner at a long table with family … not so bad.  But I will tell you the truth, we summer bumpkins will be counting the days until the summer sun still shines at 8:30 p.m., the beach chairs are set on the sand, and the blue of sky and water are only separated by a thin line of white clouds, or the haze of  the sun rising peaks out from behind the trees …   Yes, the countdown starts this weekend … IMG_2146

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